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Backcountry Bad Boys is a TV, Internet Radio show that the Miller family T`Roy,, Zack and Jess with friends Chris and Bill looking for the back out of way place in the country and we are looking for the Big Bad Boys. 
    Our show is different because we are a family that hunts together and along the way we take a different kid hunting thru organizations like 
Hunters Helping Kids and SCI

Join us each week as we look for the big bad boys of the world!

OUR MOTTO: If your passion has fur, feathers, fins, runs flies, or swims then we will see you in the backcountry!




T`Roy Miller will travel any place to hunt and fish but as I travel all over the world in search of the SCI Grand Slam states Host T`Roy Miller, That is harvesting 1 animal of each subspecies. When you get enough of the Grand Slams in several countries you get what they call the elusive World Hunting Award. We are excited in doing this we are very active in the SCI and would love to show everyone why they should join the national and get active with the local chapters and national.

As I travel all over the world hunting and fishing I will take you along to enjoy the backcountry. Hunting and fishing is a love of mine since I was a little boy growing up on the farm. We hunted then for food and still today we hunt for food, It's not the biggest is the best but when you harvest a animal and can set down at a meal and thank God for providing the experience and the hunt well you had a great day in the field.

DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment only. Please contact the manufacture for correct usage of the items that you are using. Always make sure that you are safe and always follow all laws and regulations from your government in the area that you are in. If you feel anytime that what you are doing is unsafe STOP! And do not do it. Never use a product from a manufacture that it was not attended for. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and when in doubt STOP read and then follows all the instructions.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES Contact Manufacture for more information and usage!

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